UPDATES: Masks were delivered to ACAS Asian Community Aids Service / MasksForEveryone receives a generous donation of a further 10,000 3ply masks from Rogers Communications to deploy to local communities in need / 10,000 masks: Through Transforming Faces MasksForEveryone was able to deploy 10,000 surgical masks to Corsu Rehabilitation Hospital in Uganda. Masks were purchased locally through monetary donations made by MasksForEveryone / Saint Ann's Parish Food Bank are recipients of 1,000 masks donated by MasksforEveryone. Thank you Rogers Communications, UForChange and The Rotary Club. / Ontario Black History Society are recipients of masks donated by MasksforEveryone. Thank you Rogers Communications, UForChange and The Rotary Club. / Thank you to TransformingFaces.org for assisting in 5000 masks to Yekatit12 Hospital in Ethiopia through MasksForEveryone / We surpassed 100,000 masks donated and distributed to communities in need through MasksForEveryone. Thank you to all of the volunteers, organizations and people that have helped to get masks in the hands of over 100,000 recipients / Masks donated to The Rotary Club Toronto for redistribution of masks to communities at need. Thank you, Rotary Club and your volunteers. / Masks donated to UForChange for redistribution of Masks to communities at need / Cure Hospital and Yekatit12 in Ethiopia are the proud recipients of 5,500 masks donated through MasksForEveryone with the help of Rogers Communications and Transforming Faces. Thank you to all that make this possible. / Thank you, TransformingFaces.org for distributing and deploying masks to Africa / Masks donated to Lakeshore Arts in Toronto / MasksForEveryone receives a generous donation of 20,000 3ply masks from Rogers Communications / Masks (and food) donated to Amanda Wright in support of the St. Vincent Volcano Relief Efforts. / Masks donated to the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation, helping the community solve some of Vancouver's biggest challenges.
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We are working to help supply masks to front line workers and persons at risk. We need your help.

Masks for Everyone is a group of caring individuals in Canada that have united to provide masks to those in need. We are seeking support on our GoFundMe page as well as volunteers and supply donations to make masks to fill the void. Over the last few weeks MasksForEveryone.ca have provided over 129,700 masks, and other supplies, to the community.

Masks are being distributed and donated directly to First Responders, Frontline Workers, PSW's, Nurses and Doctors and to facilities for distribution like Street Health, The Ontario Medical Association, Schlegal Villages (with 19 long term care facilities), A-Sistering, Yellow Brick House and many more where individuals are at risk and in need of PPE.

If you, or your organization, are in need of masks please contact us and we will try to fulfill your need.

All masks are provided on a donation basis only and not meant for a resale market.

Sunnybrook Hospital
Sunnybrook Health Sciences says "Thank You" - 4,000 masks donated to date.

Thank you letters from recipients of our masks


Youth Without Shelter

Peel Region

Unit 2

Thank you to the following companies for their assistance in helping us supply masks to the frontline:

OMA Keen WXN Sick Kids
CAFA Locomotive Marketing Schedule 35 Rogers
Transforming Faces U for Change Rotary Club of Toronto

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Masks for Everyone

During this incredibly challenging time, cries for more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in hospitals and other facilities continue, as the supply grows more scarce by the day.

To facilitate the need, many of us have turned our homes into a temporary production facilities. We are working with teams of protected volunteers to make masks (washable masks with inserts for filters). We are also attempting to purchase masks to provide front line workers. In the last two weeks we have supplied over 129,700 masks to persons at risk.

The need to supply protective gear is not over. You can help sewing, providing materials, or just forwarding this website to someone that can help.

Please support our GoFundMe campaign.

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